Furniture Waiting to be Customized

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As a leading provider of furniture restoration and repair services, we understand that your furniture is more than just something that sits in your home.  Your furniture gives off a certain style that reflects your tastes and personality.  That is why we are offering used furniture for sale in which you have the option to have it refinished and/or reupholstered however you want.  We find used furniture that we know our customers are looking for and add it to our inventory without doing any work on it ourselves.  This furniture is ready for you to choose and then tell us how you want it restored.

Start by browsing our selection of furniture waiting to be customized and choose a piece that interests you.  After deciding on the furniture, check out our selection of furniture stain and paint options and choose the stain or color that you want.  If the piece you choose has upholstery, you can talk to our professionals about your options to have it reupholstered.  Once your piece is ready, you can pick it up at our facility.

Our furniture waiting to be customized provides you with a unique opportunity to choose a piece of furniture and decide on the finish and upholstery to create a fully customized piece.  You can trust our expert craftsmen to refinish and restore your chosen piece to meet or exceed your expectations.  Browse our selection of furniture waiting to be customized and choose a piece that you like to start the process.

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