Is It Possible to Restore Rustic Wood Furniture?

Is It Possible to Restore Rustic Wood Furniture?

Earthy, rugged furniture styles enhance the ambiance of a room by creating a warm and welcoming feel. Rustic wood furniture is, therefore, prized, and homeowners often seek any possible means to restore it when necessary. Restoring rustic wood furniture is possible by following these steps.

Rustic styles can be defined as natural. Homeowners who design the interior parts of their homes with wood, stone or other organic elements create a relaxing atmosphere, one where the imperfection of nature shines. Character is celebrated through the knots in the wood and its imperfect lines.

Characteristics of rustic interior design include warm, natural tones, like whites, browns, and beiges. Accent colors, like yellows, grays, and greens, add depth. Silhouettes and rugged lines are shapes featured in this type of design style. The general aesthetic is warm and inviting—yet imperfect.

Rustic wood is used to develop the rustic style favored by homeowners. Rustic wood can be found in barns, sheds, shacks, or other types of buildings that are at least 50 years old and have been left to the mercy of the elements, like wind, rain and snow.

Manufacturing rustic wood is another option. The wood can be conditioned to appear rustic by whipping the wood with a chain or pounding it with a hammer to cause random dents. Burning the surface of the wood with a sander can add desirable ambiance and character.

Since rustic wood has stood the test of time, it’s a valuable material for furniture. The wood has proven itself to be durable. However, it is not indestructible. When necessary, rustic wood furniture must be restored to continue delivering the coveted look and feel.


Rustic Wood Furniture - Before and After Restoration

Rustic Wood Furniture – Before and After Restoration


  1. Clean the Wood

Rustic wood furniture may be built with reclaimed wood. Cleaning the wood is the first step in restoring the furniture. Using a nylon bristle brush, run it over the wood to remove insects, excess dirt, and debris. Smaller particles clinging to the wood can be eliminated with an air hose.

Cleaning the wood is an important initial step. Without performing an effective cleaning, the homeowner risks sealing imperfections, dirt, and grime into the surface. In later stages, a stain will be applied; however, its integrity will be noticeably compromised without first cleaning the wood.

  1. Prime the Wood

Reclaimed wood may be ridden with termites or other bugs. Priming the wood keeps pests away. Prime and coat the furniture’s surface with a solution of three cups Borax and one gallon water. Let the wood dry for a week so that the chemical is fully absorbed into the wood.

  1. Strip the Old Paint

Finishing the reclaimed wood can be done once the old paint has been stripped from it. Dip a brush in a chemical paint stripper and cover the surface of the wood. Allow the stripper to soak for up to 24 hours, then scrape it off with a paint scraper.

  1. Sand the Wood

Sanding the reclaimed wood is the next step in the restoration process. Use 100-grit sandpaper to sand the wood, working in a circular motion to remove imperfections and splinters. Sanding protects the wood from splintering off and ensures an even surface area for staining.

  1. Finish the Wood

Apply a wax or wood finish, ideally with a polyurethane solution, to the reclaimed wood. Multiple coats of finish will benefit the wood; however, the number of coats is dependent on the preferences of the homeowner. Finishing the wood adds the rich color desired by furniture owners.

  1. Seal the Wood

Sealing the reclaimed wood is the final step in the restoration of the rustic furniture. Apply a light layer of wood sealant over the surface of the wood using a large bristle brush. The sealant protects the lumber from wear and tear, especially in high traffic or outdoor areas.

Restoring wood furniture is the beginning of preserving it. In order to continue enjoying the furniture, it must be protected. Place the furniture in areas without direct sunlight, as the UV rays can warp and discolor the lumber. If the furniture is in a room with windows, draw the curtains.

Keep the wood furniture in an area where temperatures are stable. This means avoid positioning the furniture near heating and cooling vents. Constant or rapid fluctuations in heat and cold can cause the wood to shrink, dry out, or split.

Moisture can damage the wood. If the rustic wood furniture is used as a coffee table, protect it from moisture rings by using coasters. Wood can become dry in winter, so run the humidifier. A dehumidifier, on the other hand, is recommended when the furniture is placed in damp rooms.

Rustic wood furniture adds beauty and warmth to any home. However, as the wood ages, it can become lackluster. Rather than purchase new pieces, homeowners are advised to refinish the wood. The furniture restoration specialists at Furniture Medic by MasterCare Experts will skillfully perform the task.

As a longstanding wood furniture refinishing service, Furniture Medic will revitalize your wooden pieces. Our expert craftsmen will remove the current finish, stain it, and paint it to your exact specifications. Our workmanship includes custom matching almost any paint or stain color.

Minor surface damage on the wood furniture, like scratches, dents, or watermarks, will be repaired. We apply a water-based factory stain by hand or paint the furniture in our Furniture Medic spray booth. Finishing coats are also applied to all surface areas in our spray booth.

Investing in brand-new rustic furniture can be a major and unnecessary expense. Plus, unique rustic pieces with sentimental value may be difficult to replace. Instead, we recommend repairing and refinishing your precious wood furniture with the help of Furniture Medic.

We improve the look of wooden furniture every day in our Carol Stream, Illinois, workshop. If you need a wood furniture refinishing service that you can trust, consult Furniture Medic by MasterCare Experts. You’ll enjoy your wood furniture for many more years to come. Call today for quality craftsmanship.


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