Furniture Medic by MasterCare Experts Renovates Vintage Dining Room Set

Furniture Medic by MasterCare Experts Renovates Vintage Dining Room Set

Whether you are celebrating a holiday, birthday, or other type of special occasion, it is nice to host friends and family in your home.  When hosting a social gathering, it is inevitable that you will share a meal with your guests at your dining room table.  Dining rooms are often the social center of a home for special gatherings and family dinners.  A nice dining room table set will not only add a touch of elegance to the appearance of your home, but also be a great conversation starter for your guests.  A vintage dining room set especially can add a nice unique touch.

Restoring Vintage Dining Room Set

At Furniture Medic by MasterCare Experts, we recently had a couple approach us to restore a complete vintage dining room set that once belonged to the wife’s parents.  The dining room set consisted of the dining room table, a large server, a small server, a large china cabinet, and six dining room chairs.  The pieces of the dining room set had a plain looking finish and the upholstery on the chairs was dull and outdated.  The couple wanted to refinish the wood pieces with a different color and finish and replace the upholstery on the chairs. 

Our craftsmen at Furniture Medic have handled furniture restoration projects of this magnitude before and asked our customers to submit photos of the dining room set through our submit your project feature.  We were confident that we could restore the vintage dining room set and transform it from a rather ordinary looking set to an impressive set that would get their guests’ attention.  After about six weeks, several visits from the customers to our shop, and the selection of the right finish and upholstery, the refinished dining room set was completed and delivered to their home.

Wood Furniture Stripping and Refinishing

The pieces of the dining room set came to us in good condition.  Therefore, we did not have to make repairs to the furniture and instead proceeded to the furniture stripping and refinishing process.  The dining room set was ready for an upgrade to give it a more striking appearance. 

The couple was very particular about the quality of the work and the color of the finish and they made a couple of visits to our work shop to approve the new color and finish.  The furniture had a light wood color when it arrived, and the couple opted for a much darker finish for all of the wood pieces.  We offer many different wood stains and paint colors to choose from and the customers chose a color that gave their dining room set a bold new look. 

Our craftsmen provide high quality wood furniture stripping and refinishing services to revitalize any type of wood furniture that has become outdated or worn out.  We can remove the current finish, stain, and paint to strip the piece down to the wood and apply a new finish, stain, or paint job.

Our wood furniture stripping and refinishing services include the following steps:

  • Cleaning of the surface of the furniture
  • Stripping of the paint, stain, and finish
  • Sanding to remove the last bits of the paint, stain, or finish
  • Surface damage repair to remove minor blemishes like scratches, dents, and watermarks
  • Color matching with the customer to choose the desired wood stain, paint color, or finish
  • Application of the new paint or wood stain, in this case a new stain was added by hand
  • Application of the new finish in the spray booth

New Furniture Upholstery

Refinishing the wood was only part of the restoration of this dining room set.  We also reupholstered the chairs with brand new upholstery to complete the transformation.  When it came time to choose the fabric for the new upholstery, the customers browsed through fabric samples at our onsite upholstery site.  We then sent ten fabric samples to the customers at no additional charge so they could select the upholstery they wanted.  After they made their selection, we replaced the dated upholstery on the chairs with new upholstery that was a much better fit for the new finish.

It took about six weeks, but the project was finished within the timeframe we promised.  Our customers got their refinished and reupholstered dining room set delivered to their door once the project was completed.  They can now use their parent’s vintage dining room set with a bold new look that is sure to be the center of attention at their next dinner party.

If you have vintage furniture that has a dull or outdated finish, our experts can give your furniture a fresh, bold look with our wood furniture stripping and refinishing services.  We will remove the current stain, paint, and finish and apply a new finish or paint of your choosing to restore the original appearance of the furniture or change its look to give it a fresh appearance.  You can choose from many different wood stains and paint colors that we offer for your furniture.

Give Furniture Medic by MasterCare Experts a call at 630-653-3131 to start your project or send us pictures of your furniture through our submit your project feature. 

Before Restoration


After Restoration

Posted by Rick Armstrong