Furniture Medic by MasterCare Experts Fabricates Wooden Sink Cabinet to Match Old Metal Cabinet

One of the beautiful things about furniture is that there are many pieces out there that are unique, either because they were handmade or are one of the last surviving examples of an old piece.  Antique furniture is valuable in a monetary and sentimental sense, and in many cases, antiques are family heirlooms that have been handed down for multiple generations, making them a piece of a family’s history.  However, when an antique piece is heavily damaged, the best thing that can be done to replace it is to fabricate a new piece to match.


Severly damaged metal sink cabinet

Old Cast Iron Sink and Cabinet

At Furniture Medic by MasterCare Experts, we recently had a customer come to us to remove a very old, very rusty metal cabinet that was the base cabinet for a cast iron sink and countertop.  The drainpipe of the sink had disconnected, causing water to get inside the metal cabinet.  The damage to the metal cabinet left it unable to be used or saved. 

After we removed the metal cabinet, the customer was left with a cast iron sink and countertop that is not a standard size.  Replacing the metal cabinet with a new “off the shelf” cabinet was not an option since no cabinet could support the size of the sink and counter.  The sink and counter were not only an odd size, but also weighed about 200 pounds.  A new cabinet had to be the right size to accommodate the sink and cabinet, and also strong enough to support the weight.

Furniture Medic Fabricates a New Cabinet

In this case, the best option was to fabricate a brand-new cabinet that closely resembles the original cabinet.  We accepted the job to build a new sink cabinet in the style of the original cabinet to accommodate the cast iron sink and countertop.

Our craftsmen made sure to take the measurements of the cast iron sink and countertop as well as the measurements of the original cabinet so we could reproduce the metal cabinet using wood.  We built the new kitchen cabinet to the specifications of the original cabinet to ensure a perfect fit.  Before the wood pieces were assembled, we painted them with the exact color of the original cabinet. 


Brand-new fabricated wooden cabinet

Furniture Medic Color Matching Services

When the stain or paint of a piece of furniture becomes worn out or faded, its original look can be restored with the application of a new wood stain or paint job.  At Furniture Medic by MasterCare Experts, our professionals can provide color matching services to find the exact color or wood stain that is original to the piece.  We have a wide range of colors and wood stains available and in this case, we were able to match the new paint to the original color of the metal sink base cabinet.

Wood Furniture Repair and Restoration Experts

Our craftsmen at Furniture Medic by MasterCare Experts are the best in the business when it comes to repairing, restoring, and fabricating wood furniture.  Our repair and restoration services have saved many damaged and worn out pieces of wooden furniture and we have been able to replace furniture that cannot be saved by recreating it with detailed fabrication.

The fabrication, painting, and refinishing process for this sink cabinet consisted of the following steps:

  • The original piece was measured to get the exact dimensions for the new piece.
  • The wood pieces were fabricated to replicate the look of the original.
  • Color matching was done to find a paint color that matches the original color of the sink cabinet.
  • The paint was applied to the sink cabinet including the doors and drawers.
  • A new factory finish was applied to the sink cabinet for protection.
  • Hardware matching the original hardware of the cabinet was installed.

When the new cabinet was returned to the customer’s home, the shape and color of the cabinet was a perfect match to the original metal cabinet.  The cast iron sink and countertop fit “like a glove” on top of the new cabinet.

We are proud to have helped this customer by fabricating a new sink base kitchen cabinet that can accommodate their antique cast iron sink and countertop.  Our expertise in wood fabrication and color matching allowed us to faithfully recreate the original cabinet that had become ruined.

If you have wood furniture that needs to be repaired or restored, contact the professionals of Furniture Medic by MasterCare Experts by calling (630) 653-3131.  You can also send us a picture of your project through our Submit Your Project feature.

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