Flipping Furniture

Flipping Furniture


At Furniture Medic we “flip furniture” every day for customers. Customers bring us furniture they want refinished, repaired, re-upholstered, or restored. The end result is always something that is much nicer and/or more valuable furniture than we were given.



Love the Dresser Love the Color


Love the Dresser not the Color



The thought occurred to us….why not look for pieces similar to what customer bring us every day and restore them ourselves and then sell the restored furniture.



Painted Mahagony


Custom Finished Mahogany Table and Chairs


Then we thought…let’s find pieces that we know customers are looking for and put the pieces in inventory and make them available for customers to have us customize the wood furniture to their precise needs.



Ready for Upholstery


How Do You Want It Furnished?


Contact Furniture Medic anytime for additional questions about our furniture restoration services and restored and customized furniture for sale.

Posted by Rick Armstrong